What our customers say about us

Here's what people are saying about us.

" One day after calling Enviraculture, they were at my property and carrying out treatment of my knotweed. The team was professional, polite and descreet. I am so relieved, my knotweed problem has completely gone! I highly recommend these guys."
Home owner Ofally.

"Troubled with high cell counts, I called EnviraCulture to help me out.
My cell count reduced to 90,000 within 14 days.”
“8 cows that hadn’t responded to antibiotics are now back in the herd."
Quote from Tipperary Farmer

“Antibiotics and penicillin didn’t seem to work. We called EnviraCuture last year and have been using there recommended treatments ever since. EnviraCulture products have consistently helped to control our cell count. And guess what! There was no with-holding period on our milk “
Quote from Enniskillen Dairy Farmer"

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