Invasive Alien Plant Species

Japanese Knotweed

Invasive alien plants introduced accidentally or deliberately into the wild where they are not normally found, can have adverse impacts on the environment. Non-native species often out compete native species for natural resources.

Invasive species can have significant impacts on conservation and economic interests and may in some cases pose threats, directly or indirectly, to human safety.


Reversing the damage of invasive species is a significant land management issue for public authorities as well as for private landowners and can be a costly and labour intensive exercise.


Fallopia japonica - Gliúneach bhiorach

One of the most problematic invasive alien species in Ireland is Japanese knotweed. This is now a common sight on rural properties, waterways, roads and in our wetland habitats.


Japanese Knotweed is now classified as one of the top 100 worst invasive species worldwide because of its serious impact on biological diversity, impact on human activity and its capacity to invade new environments.


The impact on properties can be devastating.


It is now widely distributed across Ireland and is a major management concern for public authorities and private property owners.


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