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Is Your Property at Risk from Invasive Species?

By 2019 every County in Ireland is Likely to have Knotweed Contamination!


Is your property at risk from Japanese Knotweed or other illegal alien species?


We have solutions for land owners, residents, local authorities and property developers.


Get help and practical assistance with any environmental horticultural or agricultural matters, contact one of our experts for straight-forward and friendly professional advice.


Call us now for a free consultation and let us solve your problems.

Need help with your Semetic Cell Count Control?

Consultancy and training programs available in Ireland provided by our team of experts.


Our Dairy farm experts can support all your dairy stock and produce needs. Call one of our specialists today to book an appointment.


Get your herd into shape with our tailured nutritional advice for your animals


When it's time for calving, we can help ensure you have a trouble free experience. Grow your herd safely and efficiently.


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